Nubian Heritage Body Lotion in a User-Friendly Container

Updated on 2021-08-12


I began to look closely at the ingredients of all personal care products I used after being diagnosed with atopic dermatitis on my face in 2016. The body lotions I used at the time had at least one preservative (phenoxyethanol), synthetic fragrances, and other ingredients that caused me concern. I spent hours attempting to locate a body lotion that didn’t contain preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or other suspect ingredients. I finally discovered Nubian Heritage body lotions, most of which do not have preservatives and none of which contain synthetic fragrances.

While I loved Nubian Heritage body lotion, I quickly realized that I needed to find another container from which to use the lotion. Nubian Heritage body lotion is very thick and comes in a squeezable plastic bottle with a flip top lid. While you can dispense some of the lotion from the bottle, you definitely cannot dispense all of the lotion due to the thickness. I have seen a number of reviewer complaints about the thick lotion on the Nubian Heritage site as well as on the iHerb site where I purchase the lotion.

The lotion I’ve purchased in the past, prior to using Nubian Heritage lotion, usually came in pump bottles and you can’t get all of the lotion out of a pump bottle using the pump. So I would save up a few nearly empty bottles, remove most of the upper portion of the bottles with a utility knife, and transfer the contents to another bottle.

After a bit of thinking, I came up with a method of transferring Nubian Heritage body lotion from the original container to a more user-friendly container. In this post, I will share my method.

Required Supplies

Required Supplies


01) Remove the flip top lid from the Nubian Heritage lotion bottle and squeeze out as much of the lotion into the 16-oz plastic container as possible. I can usually squeeze out about a third of the contents.

Lotion Squeezed into Container

02) Settle the lotion in the 16-oz plastic container by rapping the bottom of the jar on a cushioned, hard surface. I usually sit down on a bath towel on a ledge in my bathroom and use the bath towel to cushion the rapping of the jar.

Settled Squeezed Lotion in Container

03) Cut off about a third of the top of the Nubian Heritage body lotion container using the Olfa utility knife.

Caution: You can easily and seriously cut yourself with the utility knife. Go slow and steady when cutting the bottle and keep the bottle a safe distance from your body.

Lotion Bottle with Top Removed

04) Using the small spoon, begin removing the remaining contents from the Nubian Heritage body lotion bottle and place into the 16-oz plastic container. You may have to settle the transferred lotion periodically by rapping the bottom of the jar on a cushioned, hard surface. You may also need to use your fingers periodically to remove lotion from the spoon.

Spooned Lotion in Container

05) After you have transferred all of the contents from the bottle to the plastic jar, settle the lotion one last time by rapping the bottom of the jar on a cushioned, hard surface.

Settled Spooned Lotion in Container

06) Place the lid on the jar.

07) Cut about a 2-inch piece of masking tape and place it on top of the lid.

08) Enter the lotion expiration date (on the bottom of the Nubian Heritage body lotion bottle) on the tape using the Sharpie permanent marker. I also like to use an abbreviation for the lotion type (I use more than one), as well as the date I opened the bottle of lotion.

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Now you can easily enjoy all of the Nubian Heritage body lotion you purchased. The 16-oz plastic jar is reuseable. When you use up the lotion in the jar, clean out any existing lotion residue using facial tissue or a paper towel(s) and the jar will be ready for use again.


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