Creamy BBQ Dip, Salad Dressing, or Baked Potato Topping

Updated on 2022-12-02



In the past, I used hummus and sometimes oil-based salad dressings as a dip for carrot and celery sticks, but I kind of got tired of both options. I also desired to use a yogurt-based salad dressing versus an oil-based salad dressing when I ate a salad. I saw yogurt-based salad dressings in the produce section at a local Wegmans, but the salad dressings contained preservatives.

Early in 2020, I decided to research yogurt-based vegetable dip recipes on the Internet. I found a number of yogurt-based dip recipes, two of which I began using as a vegetable dip and also as a salad dressing:

While both recipes are very good, they both take a little bit of work to prepare. I desired to have something that could easily and quickly be prepared for times when I decide to eat a bag of salad or when I need a veggie dip on short notice. I wondered if mixing BBQ sauce and yogurt would work. So in April 2022, I purchased a bottle of 365 Organic Kansas City Love Barbecue Sauce from Whole Foods Market. 365 is a Whole Foods Market house brand.

In May 2022, I made a small dish of creamy BBQ dip to eat with some leftover red bell pepper and I was impressed with the taste. On June 11, 2022, I decided to try the dip/salad dressing/baked potato topping on a baked potato and the taste was outstanding.

This recipe was inspired by the Creamy Salsa Dip recipe I found in 2020.



  • BBQ sauce
  • Plain, whole fat yogurt

Note: The BBQ sauce makes this dip/salad dressing/baked potato topping a bit thick. Therefore, regular yogurt probably works better for this recipe than Greek style yogurt since the Greek style yogurt would make the dip/salad dressing/baked potato topping even thicker.


Combine the yogurt and the BBQ sauce using 1 part yogurt to 3/4 part BBQ sauce in a bowl, stirring well. If you’re planning on making a large amount, the ratio works out to 1 cup yogurt to 3/4 cup BBQ sauce.

To coat 10-oz of salad (a typical size for packaged salad mix), the ratio works out to 1/3 cup yogurt and 1/4 cup BBQ sauce. You can use the same spoon you used to mix the yogurt and BBQ sauce to spoon the mixture on top of your salad and then toss well to coat. I usually use the salad fork with which I plan to eat my salad to toss the salad.

Garden salad mix with dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, and creamy yogurt-based BBQ salad dressing

The same measurement that will coat 10-oz of salad will also work as a topping for a baked potato that has been sliced opened and flattened out. As with a salad, you can use the same spoon you used to mix the yogurt and BBQ sauce to spoon the mixture on top of your baked potato.

Additional Notes

I initially tried the mixture in reverse (more BBQ sauce than yogurt) and I also tried using a 1:1 mixture, but for my taste the dip/salad dressing/baked potato topping was a bit too sweet. The 1 part yogurt to 3/4 part BBQ sauce is just right in my opinion. However, feel free to experiment as everyone has different tastes.

I only use whole fat yogurt. Feel free to use low fat or non-fat yogurt, but I can’t guarantee that either will work as well for this recipe.


Cuisines world-wide encompass a number of different sauces. This recipe has me wondering what other sauces would work well with yogurt to make a dip/salad dressing/baked potato topping. I bet peanut sauce would be good with yogurt as a dip, salad dressing, or baked potato topping.

What type of sauce do you think would work well to make a dip/salad dressing/baked potato topping? Let me know in the Comment box at the bottom of the page and thank you for visiting.

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